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Abstract Fantasy Landscapes

Artist Statement

This series explores the intersections between abstraction and figuration in contemporary landscape painting, as well as the ongoing dialogue between traditional and experimental techniques. Drawing on the legacy of modernist painters like Cézanne and Rothko, I use color, form, and composition to capture the essence and tension of the natural world, specifically mountains and rocks. These subjects symbolize constancy, motionlessness, eternity, and stillness, among other spiritual concerns, and through my paintings, I aim to convey their majesty and mystery.

At the same time, I am interested in the ways in which contemporary artists are reimagining the genre of landscape painting. By experimenting with different materials, techniques, and styles, artists are challenging the traditional boundaries of the medium, and exploring new possibilities for representation and abstraction. The paintings engage with these contemporary debates, and seeks to contribute to the ongoing conversation around the meaning and relevance of landscape painting in the 21st century.

One of the key themes in my work is the idea of duality and ambiguity. By juxtaposing and collaging different visual languages, I aim to create a sense of tension and complexity within my paintings, inviting viewers to engage with the work on multiple levels. I am also interested in exploring the relationship between time and landscape, and the ways in which geological processes and human intervention shape the natural world.

In terms of technique, I am drawn to a layered and gestural approach to painting, which allows for a sense of depth and texture in the work. I am also interested in the use of mapping and topography as a means of creating structure and rhythm within the composition. Through these techniques, I aim to create a sense of visual and emotional resonance that transcends the specifics of any particular place or time.

Ultimately, the Abstract Fantasy Landscape series is informed by a deep respect for the history and traditions of landscape painting, as well as a commitment to pushing the boundaries of the medium in new and exciting ways. By engaging with contemporary art discourse and exploring new techniques and approaches, I hope to contribute to the ongoing evolution of this rich and fascinating genre.

To see the whole series, click here.

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