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The Art in Function: 31 Bags in January, 2023

Artist Statement

In Jan 2023, I set myself a challenge to finish a painting everyday for a month.

My daily painting project involves transforming bags purchased across various countries I have lived in, each representing different aspects of my adult life. By painting these practical items into unique, personalized works of art, I am exploring themes related to globalization, personal identity, and self-expression.

By painting bags, I am exploring my own personal identity, examining traditional gender roles and societal expectations. This project serves as a visual representation of my personal journey, reflecting on the past and present experiences that have shaped me as an individual.

Through this artistic endeavor, I am also exploring the ways in which personal experiences and cultural exchange can shape our identities and perspectives. Each bag represents a unique period of my life and reflects the impact of different needs, uses and cultural styles on my personal growth and development. The daily discipline of painting a bag also challenges me to be disciplined and to be spontaneous, allowing me to experiment with new techniques and ideas.

These paintings reflect on the value of art and the role that it plays in our society. By questioning the commodification of art and the importance of individual creativity and self-expression, I am highlighting the potential of art to serve as a tool for empowerment and self-reflection.

To see all 31 bags, please click here.

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