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Do Not Swallow Exhibition

Exciting news! I’ll be showing in a group exhibition in London and I’d love it if you could come…

Held in two extraordinary, derelict Victorian buildings, Do Not Swallow is a provocative invitation to art-lovers to take a bite, chew and savour the content of the artworks on display, before digesting them in one of the largest exhibitions of its kind in London.

The selected works by more than 60 acclaimed international artists, painters and sculptors. Too often, we are expected to swallow anything, gulping down ‘fake news’ or partial information as if they were the whole truth. The exhibiting artists – a collective from Turps Banana Art School, London – believe that a good meal should not be unconsciously swallowed. It’s time for a redress.


Consumption: These artists indulge in a banquet. They consume resources in a manifestation of abundance. Swallow down quickly.

Mastication: These artists chew on those hard to define truths. Forms get stuck in the throat, all jumbled up, eventually coalescing into a distinct flavour. Chewy yet tasteful. 

Poison: These do not shy away from difficult and painful subjects, addressing personal or societal problems. Ingestion can cause illness or death. 

Nourishment: These focus on the hopeful, the beautiful and the resplendent. They find inspiration in the appetizing world. A pleasant enrichening plate.

The exhibition will be open during the week of 19th-24th September, 2023 and you are cordially invited to the Private View at 19:00-21:00 on Friday 22nd September, 2023.

I hope to see you there!

Jen x