The ReMetal Project

A growing concern in my art practice is the cost and accumulation of materials and inventory that is inherent with the production of my projects. Once a project is finished, there is no certainty about the length of time it will stay in my studio before it is purchased. This is especially evident when I began to consider working with precious metals that also have high investment costs for the raw materials. The price of gold at the time of writing in 2023, has seen approximately a 500% increase since 2000, making it a particularly expensive and exclusive material to work with.

The ReMetal Project is an attempt to find a sustainable approach born out of these concerns.

Each line of wearables in this project will be developed using a specific amount of raw material purchased. The line will only be available for sale for a specified amount of time, after which, the remaining products in the line will expire and be melted down and recycled to become a new line. The history of what was, will be documented here.

Currently, as I am not yet registered as a certified jewellery seller, the silver and gold items showcased on this website are not yet for sale. I’ve written a blog post to explain this in more depth. Please subscribe below to receive updates.