The Unknown

The Unknown Series was made during a time when I was interested in processes that relinquish control in favour of exploration and discovery. This series is the result of a turning point – from my background in commercial photography into painting.

They also mark the period during which I was studying Jungian Art Psychotherapy, when much of my conscious was preoccupied with finding what emerges from the unconscious.

They are made using a PVA base, into which I dripped acrylic inks and paints, and photographed various moments during the ebb and flow of changing shapes and swirls. The final images are photographic prints. (Some of the dried original PVA and acrylic sheets are on display at Atelier do Tijolo in Lisbon).

These images both evoke imagination about what the final image is of, as well as keeping in the mind in a space of perceptual curiosity.

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