Wearable Art

All wearables are one-of-a-kind and handmade by Jen at Atelier do Tijolo in Lisbon, Portugal.

I order my materials in small batches and recycle materials to reduce wastage. I have two main approaches to making wearable art: Handmade, to retain the equivalent of the painter’s brushstroke and struggle, or Upcycled, to repurpose old items into something new. Once a piece is sold, there won’t be another exactly like it. It means that you can guarantee that each item is uniquely imperfect, just the way I like it!

This area will be in continual development as I explore different processes, materials and forms.

* A note on metals: I am currently working towards professional certification as a jeweller. Although this is not of particular importance to me as an artist, here in Europe only registered professionals can sell precious metal jewellery (if you know otherwise, please send me an email!). I’ve written a blog post to explain this in more depth. As such, I regularly use brass for it’s accessibility, durability and gorgeous colour.