The Unknown: Decisive Moment I

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The seed for the Unknown Series was first sown almost twenty years ago by Leong Ka Tai’s gift of a Henri Cartier Bresson book and his advice that “photography is about capturing life’s decisive moments”. Exploring and creating freely the initial stages were amorphous and erratic but there were transient moments of beauty in the natural flow of inks. Their all too quick disappearance brought me back to the systematic immortalising ability of photography to capture them. These photographs invite the viewer to imagine their own personal choreography of the forms and space and choose the scale for their own viewpoint. Combining these two artistic methods has helped me closer to an abstract realisation of in Bresson’s words “the simultaneous recognition in a fraction of a second of the significance of an event”. This desire to develop a process of observing and capturing a “decisive moment” continues as a focus in much of my art particularly my current exploration of various forms of printmaking.

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