• When will you have silver wearables available?
    I’ve had a few people ask me “When will you have silver wearables available?” and I think the answer deserves a bit of blog space. (So please keep in mind, I have only ventured into making wearables since early 2023 and I live in Portugal. So the information presented here is as what I have […]
  • The Art in Function: 31 Bags in January, 2023
    Artist Statement In Jan 2023, I set myself a challenge to finish a painting everyday for a month. My daily painting project involves transforming bags purchased across various countries I have lived in, each representing different aspects of my adult life. By painting these practical items into unique, personalized works of art, I am exploring […]
  • Abstract Fantasy Landscapes
    Artist Statement This series explores the intersections between abstraction and figuration in contemporary landscape painting, as well as the ongoing dialogue between traditional and experimental techniques. Drawing on the legacy of modernist painters like Cézanne and Rothko, I use color, form, and composition to capture the essence and tension of the natural world, specifically mountains […]