Jen Chau was born in Maryland, USA and took her first flight at six months old when her parents returned to Hong Kong. She watched her publisher-by-day mother reconnect with art, picking up paintbrushes to create surreal, symbolic paintings of windows and doors which became the images that Jen associates with independence. In 1997, shortly before the transfer of sovereignty over Hong Kong from the UK back to the People’s Republic of China, Jen left for California to pursue her undergraduate studies. She graduated from Brooks Institute of Photography and worked as an editorial and commercial photographer in Los Angeles, California. In 2009 Jen moved to London, UK, continuing to produce Los Angeles-based photography shoots for commercial photographers from Hong Kong. She made the decision to embark on postgraduate studies in psychology and art psychotherapy at University of Roehampton. Alongside her work as an Art Psychotherapist, she began painting regularly to help process the effects of working in the mental health sector. During the Covid-19 and Brexit chaos in 2020, she moved to Lisbon, Portugal, where continues to pursues her own painting.

Art has been a part of Jen’s formal education throughout her schooling. After she finished her Art Psychotherapy masters degree, she continued an alternative path of art learning: she attended evening drawing and painting workshops and intensive workshops with The Art Academy, UK (2017-18), London Atelier of Representational Art, UK (2018), The Royal Drawing School, UK (2018), and The Florence Academy of Art, Italy (2018) before enrolling in Richmond Adult Community College, UK (2018-19), The Essential School of Painting, UK (2019-20) and the Turps Correspondence Course, UK (2021-22).

In 2014, Jen exhibited her Unknown series, a series of works produced during her Art Psychotherapy training in her graduation show at University of Roehampton and during the ArtHouse Open Studios event in Teddington, UK. She was invited to exhibit in 70.40, a retrospective and group exhibition at City Hall in Hong Kong (2016). Jen has exhibited in groups shows such as RACC Projects, UK (2019), A Letter in Mind, UK (2019), ASC Open Studios, UK (2019), and The ESOP Summer Exhibition online (2020). Her current work is on display at Atelier do Tijolo, Portugal.