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Introducing Ana Rita Carvalho

EN: Atelier do Tijolo is proud to present:
The stories of Portugal in the macramé works of Ana Rita Carvalho!

PT: O Atelier do Tijolo tem o orgulho de apresentar:
As histórias de Portugal nas obras de macramé da Ana Rita Carvalho!

Step into Ana Rita Carvalho‘s world of Portuguese stories through her hand-woven creations. Each piece is carefully crafted, inviting you on a journey of imagination and storytelling.

Her macramé works reflect Portugal’s rich history and culture, with every knot and detail conveying unique stories. Like chapters in a book, her creations unfold, revealing layers of meaning and emotion, serving as a visual language that resonates with each observer.

Ana Rita breathes life into her works with every twist of the cord, connecting you to the tales interwoven within each delicate knot.

Visit Atelier do Tijolo to discover the magic of Ana Rita Carvalho’s narratives, where threads intertwine to create beauty and meaning.

Ana Rita, a long-time Alfama resident and neighbour of Atelier do Tijolo, is being showcased in the gallery beginning 5th August, 2023.

Atelier do Tijolo is a working artist studio and gallery space, with a focus on exhibiting the creative process and development, alongside final works. Atelier do Tijolo is open to the public on weekends and public holidays between 10:00-16:00. Alternatively, send an email or call +351 913896919 to make an appointment.

Entre no mundo de histórias portuguesas da Ana Rita Carvalho através das suas criações em macramé. Cada peça é cuidadosamente trabalhada, convidando-o a embarcar numa jornada de imaginação e narração.

As suas obras em macramé refletem a rica história e cultura de Portugal, com cada nó e detalhe transmitindo histórias únicas. Como capítulos de um livro, as suas criações desdobram-se, revelando camadas de significado e emoção, servindo como uma linguagem visual que ressoa com cada observador.

A Ana Rita dá vida às suas obras a cada torção do cordão, conectando-o às histórias entrelaçadas em cada delicado nó.

Visite o Atelier do Tijolo para descobrir a magia das narrativas da Ana Rita Carvalho, onde os fios se entrelaçam para criar beleza e significado.

A Ana Rita, residente de longa data em Alfama e uma vizinha do Atelier do Tijolo, estará em destaque na galeria a partir de 5 de agosto de 2023.

O Atelier do Tijolo é um estúdio de trabalho para artistas e espaço de galeria, com foco na exposição do processo criativo e desenvolvimento, juntamente com as obras finais. O Atelier do Tijolo está aberto ao público nos fins de semana e feriados, das 10h às 16h. Alternativamente, envie um e-mail ou ligue +351 913896919 para marcar um horário.

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When will you have silver wearables available?

I’ve had a few people ask me “When will you have silver wearables available?” and I think the answer deserves a bit of blog space.

(So please keep in mind, I have only ventured into making wearables since early 2023 and I live in Portugal. So the information presented here is as what I have discovered so far and only as relevant to my particular situation.)

Firstly, the precious metals industry in Portugal is very strictly regulated as per the Hallmarking Convention.

The objective of the Hallmarking Convention (also known as “Precious Metals Convention”) is to facilitate trade in precious metal articles while at the same time maintaining fair trade and consumer protection justified by the particular nature of these articles.” Hallmarking Convention.

For me to produce items made with precious metals such as gold and silver, I have to be registered with one of the following activities:

Designs and produces articles with precious metal that respect all of the following requirements:
– They’re for sale.
– They’re single or limited editions.
– They have a production limit of 15 articles per year.
– They contain a maximum of 10 % precious metal.
– They’re not for personal ornamentation.

Industrial in the jewellery sector

– Produces articles with precious metal, in a factory or workshop, for sale purposes.

And to legally sell items made with precious metals, I have to be registered as the following:

Jewellery retailer
Sells directly to the public one or more of the following articles:
– articles with precious metals
– articles of special interest
– used items
The sale may take place in a retail outlet or by means of sale without an establishment (e.g. at fairs, by itinerant sale or by remote communication means).”

(For more information about this click here.)

Once I qualify and am registered with the above activities, I will be able to hallmark my works with the appropriate assay marks. These marks mean that you, as a potential consumer, can be guaranteed quality when you purchase precious metal wearables from me.

So, at this point, I have some work to do. I will reprioritise and ramp up my efforts to get certified as a jeweller as soon as possible so that I am able to make my silver wearables to you.

Subscribe below to get updates. And until then, I hope you enjoy the brass works available!

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Abstract Fantasy Landscapes, in metal

Immerse yourself in the tranquility of tropical jungles and feel the infusion of volcanic energy with our handcrafted pieces. Let the Abstract Fantasy Landscapes, in Metal collection become timeless mementos of the breathtaking moments in tropical paradise. Handmade in Lisbon, the collection brings a touch of authenticity and durability to your tropical-inspired jewelry. Brass, known for its strength and resilience, perfectly aligns with the rugged beauty of Madeira's landscapes. Its warm golden hue adds a captivating glow, reminiscent of the sun-kissed shores and vibrant foliage.

I moved away from the Abstract Fantasy Landscape paintings in 2022, or at least I thought I had. But as I looked at them, I kept coming back to one thought – how abstract and how fantasy are they really? I felt there were still aspects of the paintings that I hadn’t fully explored yet, namely the lines and the textures. so when I decided to take a jewellery making class it seemed like a great opportunity to continue with this series in metal.

Along with the lines and textures, I felt that I hadn’t fully incorporated the leafy jungle that made Madeira so attractive to me. So I had an idea to create a more three-dimensional jungle amongst the mountains that would fulfil the fantasy element that I wasn’t quite sure about. But on the other hand, I also just really wanted to make little works of art that could be worn, not just hung from a wall.

There are always good intentions, but what I enjoy the most about creativity is that it knows no boundaries in it’s freedom, so let’s see where this ends up! To follow the progress of this collection, subscribe for updates below or click here.

If you would like to read more about how the paintings developed, please view my artist statement.

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The Art in Function: 31 Bags in January, 2023

Artist Statement

In Jan 2023, I set myself a challenge to finish a painting everyday for a month.

My daily painting project involves transforming bags purchased across various countries I have lived in, each representing different aspects of my adult life. By painting these practical items into unique, personalized works of art, I am exploring themes related to globalization, personal identity, and self-expression.

By painting bags, I am exploring my own personal identity, examining traditional gender roles and societal expectations. This project serves as a visual representation of my personal journey, reflecting on the past and present experiences that have shaped me as an individual.

Through this artistic endeavor, I am also exploring the ways in which personal experiences and cultural exchange can shape our identities and perspectives. Each bag represents a unique period of my life and reflects the impact of different needs, uses and cultural styles on my personal growth and development. The daily discipline of painting a bag also challenges me to be disciplined and to be spontaneous, allowing me to experiment with new techniques and ideas.

These paintings reflect on the value of art and the role that it plays in our society. By questioning the commodification of art and the importance of individual creativity and self-expression, I am highlighting the potential of art to serve as a tool for empowerment and self-reflection.

To see all 31 bags, please click here.

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Abstract Fantasy Landscapes

Artist Statement

This series explores the intersections between abstraction and figuration in contemporary landscape painting, as well as the ongoing dialogue between traditional and experimental techniques. Drawing on the legacy of modernist painters like Cézanne and Rothko, I use color, form, and composition to capture the essence and tension of the natural world, specifically mountains and rocks. These subjects symbolize constancy, motionlessness, eternity, and stillness, among other spiritual concerns, and through my paintings, I aim to convey their majesty and mystery.

At the same time, I am interested in the ways in which contemporary artists are reimagining the genre of landscape painting. By experimenting with different materials, techniques, and styles, artists are challenging the traditional boundaries of the medium, and exploring new possibilities for representation and abstraction. The paintings engage with these contemporary debates, and seeks to contribute to the ongoing conversation around the meaning and relevance of landscape painting in the 21st century.

One of the key themes in my work is the idea of duality and ambiguity. By juxtaposing and collaging different visual languages, I aim to create a sense of tension and complexity within my paintings, inviting viewers to engage with the work on multiple levels. I am also interested in exploring the relationship between time and landscape, and the ways in which geological processes and human intervention shape the natural world.

In terms of technique, I am drawn to a layered and gestural approach to painting, which allows for a sense of depth and texture in the work. I am also interested in the use of mapping and topography as a means of creating structure and rhythm within the composition. Through these techniques, I aim to create a sense of visual and emotional resonance that transcends the specifics of any particular place or time.

Ultimately, the Abstract Fantasy Landscape series is informed by a deep respect for the history and traditions of landscape painting, as well as a commitment to pushing the boundaries of the medium in new and exciting ways. By engaging with contemporary art discourse and exploring new techniques and approaches, I hope to contribute to the ongoing evolution of this rich and fascinating genre.

To see the whole series, click here.

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Why 100 paintings from nothing?

Beginning in the Jan 2021 lockdown in Portugal, I began the From Nothing series – 100 A4 paintings – while unable to explore the beautiful country I had moved to. The process of working within a constrained format meant I had to push my creativity with very limited external inspiration. Similarly to painting within a consistent and smaller format, being in confinement meant an adjustment in our concepts of space in daily routines. A nature and landscape theme became clear very quickly, perhaps as a way to psychologically extend our physical space indoors.

Santana, Madeira Island in March 2021

As spring approached and glimpses of the possibility of a summer lifting of restrictions peeked through the drab Portugal rains, I began to dream of travel once again. I was able to make a trip to Madeira Island and I spent a week lost in the old, magical Laurisilva forest, imagining the island pre-human settlement, and soaking up as many details to bring back to the studio. Feeling entirely revived and reconnected with the outside world, I returned to the studio and my goal of finishing 100 paintings.

The military were brought in to administer vaccinations in Portugal and things began to look brighter. Restrictions were lifted and I gambled on a June friends and neighbours Atelier do Tijolo opening during what would be the infamous Santo António sardine festival in the historic Alfama neighbourhood. I sourced and bought 7kgs of sardines, beer and wine for the event only to discover that the festas had been cancelled. Luckily the restrictions in Lisbon for the weekend were specific to the evenings so I was able to continue the strategically planned daytime Atelier opening. Since then, I’ve been all business – religiously opening my doors to the empty streets every Thursday through Sunday.

As of 9th July, I am currently at 65/100 paintings. Weekend restrictions have been reinstated in Lisbon and the Alfama is still quieter than it would normally be in the summer.

I’m taking a short break from painting to scan the 65 paintings, set up my online shop and make sure I’m prepared for what could be another winter of restricted movement. As such, I’m spinning a lot of plates to bring some exciting new projects into fruition online…

UPDATE! In August 2021 as part of House & Garden UK magazine’s Sept 2021 Framing issue, fine art reproduction giclée prints of the From Nothing series will be available for sale as sets of three in A4 and A3 sizes, for a limited time. You will be able to curate your own triptych from the available paintings to add to your art collection!

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Atelier do Tijolo

Step into the artistic oasis of ATELIER DO TIJOLO, where creativity and innovation reign supreme. Our working artist’s studio and gallery space showcases an artist’s journey from the earliest stages of creation to the final masterpiece. Immerse yourself in the artistic process, savor a warm cup of tea, and engage in thought-provoking conversations about the beauty of art and self-expression.

Bem-vindo ao estúdio e galeria da nossa artista residente no ATELIER DO TIJOLO. Aqui, você terá a oportunidade única de testemunhar o processo artístico em primeira mão, desde a inspiração inicial até o produto final. Não seja tímido, nossa artista adora conversar com visitantes e ajudá-los a praticar o idioma. Venha nos visitar e mergulhe na beleza e inspiração que a arte tem a oferecer.

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“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.”, Albert Einstein

During the Jan 2021 lockdown in Portugal, I began the From Nothing series – 100 A4 paintings – while unable to explore the beautiful country I had moved to. The process of working within a constrained format meant I had to push my creativity with very limited external inspiration. Similarly to painting within a consistent and smaller format, being in confinement meant an adjustment in our concepts of space in daily routines. A nature and landscape theme became clear very quickly, perhaps as a way to psychologically extend my physical space.

As summer approached, I returned to some abstract landscape paintings started and abandoned a year earlier. I remember these paintings began with all the vigor of a new immigrant – full of enthusiasm and visions of the future to be – only to be quickly dashed by increasing Covid-19 restrictions. The paintings lacked the input of appropriate inspiration – until I was able to make a trip to Madeira Island. I spent a week lost in the old, magical Laurisilva forest, imagining the island pre-human settlement, soaking up as many details to bring back to the studio. Feeling entirely revived and reconnected with the outside world, I returned to my landscape paintings, reworking and embedding the passing of time into their development.

The Abstract Fantasy Landscape paintings developed a focus on reimagining current realities whilst still retaining embedded notions and concepts: A mountain range became graphical stripes; a river could be orange; a waterfall can fall from the sky. Everything is the same but different. These paintings explore my personal transition of moving countries, and in the current times they explore the changes to our lives as a result of the pandemic. As the From Nothing series branches out into different sizes and formats with the Abstract Fantasy Landscapes series, new challenges arise and spark more shifts and changes. As the world desperately tries to spring out of hibernation into bloom, so our perspective shifts accordingly.

Meanwhile, nature and life continues.