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When will you have silver wearables available?

I’ve had a few people ask me “When will you have silver wearables available?” and I think the answer deserves a bit of blog space.

(So please keep in mind, I have only ventured into making wearables since early 2023 and I live in Portugal. So the information presented here is as what I have discovered so far and only as relevant to my particular situation.)

Firstly, the precious metals industry in Portugal is very strictly regulated as per the Hallmarking Convention.

The objective of the Hallmarking Convention (also known as “Precious Metals Convention”) is to facilitate trade in precious metal articles while at the same time maintaining fair trade and consumer protection justified by the particular nature of these articles.” Hallmarking Convention.

For me to produce items made with precious metals such as gold and silver, I have to be registered with one of the following activities:

Designs and produces articles with precious metal that respect all of the following requirements:
– They’re for sale.
– They’re single or limited editions.
– They have a production limit of 15 articles per year.
– They contain a maximum of 10 % precious metal.
– They’re not for personal ornamentation.

Industrial in the jewellery sector

– Produces articles with precious metal, in a factory or workshop, for sale purposes.

And to legally sell items made with precious metals, I have to be registered as the following:

Jewellery retailer
Sells directly to the public one or more of the following articles:
– articles with precious metals
– articles of special interest
– used items
The sale may take place in a retail outlet or by means of sale without an establishment (e.g. at fairs, by itinerant sale or by remote communication means).”

(For more information about this click here.)

Once I qualify and am registered with the above activities, I will be able to hallmark my works with the appropriate assay marks. These marks mean that you, as a potential consumer, can be guaranteed quality when you purchase precious metal wearables from me.

So, at this point, I have some work to do. I will reprioritise and ramp up my efforts to get certified as a jeweller as soon as possible so that I am able to make my silver wearables to you.

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